FOWC 2024

Two years ago we left the FOWC 2022 having had an absolutely amazing time, vowing to come back in 2024 to do better than our 39th place. This weekend just gone, we realised that dream, and just WOW! We prepped hard and entered this event as 7th seed in the world, putting us seed 1 in group 7.

Friday saw us having a well structured half hour training session. We planned and co-ordinated everything to the minute and it worked so well. We had time to test the dogs on the new mats, run line-ups, do individual work and practice on the lights. The half hour flew by but everything felt perfect. Hats off to Anita & Nicole for marshalling the team so well.

Saturday dawned with miserable weather but nothing could dampen the adrenaline that was coursing through the team! We had 4 races throughout the day, each of 3 heats and the aim is to win as many as you can, whilst also putting in a fast time as the top 12 fastest group winners will get the chance to enter the championship division on the Sunday. Our first race didn’t go quite to plan and we lost 2-1, but we did manage to put a 15.00s on the clock which stood as the fastest time of the day for a fair while. Entering race 2 and the pressure was on to rack up some heat wins, which we did, winning both race 2 and race 3 3-0. At this point we had 14 points (2 points for each heat we had won) and were equal 1st in the group. We eagerly watched the race before ours which saw the other team in contention loose 3 heats. We entered our 4th race knowing we just needed to win 1 heat to take the group, which we did with a 14.98s time. With the win secured, our attentions turned to a time as we knew other teams were starting to push. Heat 2 and we put out a 14.92s… could we do better? Heat 3 and unfortunately we got a false start so lost the heat, but we could see a 14.77s time including the false start. Then the wait… was a group win with a 14.92 enough to place us in the Championship division….!? We watched as the other groups finished their races, watched the FOWC record get broken by Green Angels, supported our friends in Tails We Win push for a time of 14.90s, just pipping us. In the end, our time was good enough to put us seed 5 in the champions division, something we had dreamt and hoped for!


Team Place F/T
Cambridgeshire Canines 1st 14.92
Cambridgeshire Canines 4th 14.67

Individual Dog's Results

Dog Fastest Time Points Gained Award(s) Earned
Kylo 3.57 0
Kylo 3.54 0
Ossie 3.89 0
Ossie 3.84 0
Prime 3.53 0
Prime 3.46 0
Quest 3.78 0
Quest 3.73 0
Texan 3.53 0
Texan 3.46 0 New PB
Vegas 3.41 0
Vegas 3.42 0