Holly Lodge

We had a great day over at Holly Lodge at the fantastically run Tails We Win competition.

CANINES 1st in Division 1

Our last outing before Crufts, the team were looking really good and pulling out some super exciting times.

CATAPULTS 1st in Division 3

Minor blip when Wendy had a quick visit to the blood bin. Ellen stepped in to handle Quest on lights, managed to get a roller, and demonstrated just how far Quest has come to take it all in her stride.

CANNONS 1st in Division 5
CROSSBOWS 2nd in Division 5

These two were battling it out all day, with two head to head races, and a little bit of banter.

Plus an amazing PC session for the CADETS and COLTS, who are getting ready for taking on little league with style.

Another great day of racing against a great set of teams. Of course fuelled by great cake and coffee (thanks to Holly Lodge cafe). Big thanks to all involved!!

Next stop Crufts!!!!


Team Place F/T
Cambridgeshire Canines 1st 14.83
Cambridgeshire Catapults 1st 16.95
Cambridgeshire Cannons 1st 17.96
Cambridgeshire Crossbows 2nd 20.41

Individual Dog's Results

Dog Fastest Time Points Gained Award(s) Earned
Amber 5.18 360
Bailey 4.13 270
Cooper 4.46 260
Cuba 4.53 130 New PB
Harper 4.36 260
Hope 4.08 310
Indi 4.41 450
Jake 4.23 300
Jazz 4.64 360 Pilot Officer
Kylo 3.56 250
Lord 4.28 290
Moss 4.11 290
Ossie 3.93 150
Prime 3.45 140
Quest 3.73 450
Shelby 5.25 230
Tigger 4.53 360
Tristan 3.88 210
Vegas 3.46 250
Wally 4.05 320