Holly Lodge

Super proud of our team yesterday. The dogs and handlers looked slick in the ring, working together to get the best out of everybody. Seeded bottom in some divs and way off the times, consistency and solidarity helped us win those divisions.

Canines went out to practice our crufts lineups but to also put a time up towards the World Cup and managed to run many sub-15 times, ending just 0.04s off our own club record with much more in the tank for a warmer day. Winning div 1 was the icing on the cake!

Catapults saw Wally come back to play after the recent arrival of his new baby brother and he aces it in start, anchor and the pack with his new handler. Big shout out to Anita for handling him so well!

Cannons and Crossbows went out to enjoy their racing, working on different combinations to win their heats.

Another big shoutout to Channing and Bailey who joined Tails We Win to play and looked incredible. That little bounce and tail wag showed how happy he was.

I’m so proud that we can churn out so many good dogs and how we handle ourselves in the ring.

Congratulations to Tristan for gaining his Pilot Officer award (10,000 points) and Lord for earning his Cadet Superior award (5,000 points).

We ended the day by bringing home a present for ourselves in the form of a new box… we are looking forward to seeing what our dogs can do on a faster box.


Team Place F/T
Cambridgeshire Canines 1st 14.74
Cambridgeshire Catapults 1st 17.16
Cambridgeshire Cannons 1st 18.02
Tails Never Fails 1st 19.15
Cambridgeshire Crossbows 3rd 20.71

Individual Dog's Results

Dog Fastest Time Points Gained Award(s) Earned
Amber 5.19 310
Bailey 400
Bailey 4.10 360
Bryn 0
Cooper 4.43 250
Harper 4.36 340
Hope 4.06 360
Indi 4.33 430
Jake 4.23 330
Jazz 4.66 310
Kylo 3.56 260
Lord 4.27 280 Cadet Superior
Moss 4.06 400
Ossie 3.96 60
Prime 3.45 240
Quest 3.74 380
Shelby 5.18 310
Tigger 4.58 310
Tristan 3.86 260 Pilot Officer
Vegas 3.48 220
Wally 4.13 190