With the Flyball Open World Cup just over 5 weeks away, there was a lot of focus on the squad dogs this weekend but also time for everybody else to play in the first of our summer season events.

Saturday saw the CANINES in div 1 with aims to win, re-run as required and adapt to the race, whilst also introducing Texan into the ring and supporting Prime back from a recent health episode. Well, they nailed every single aim… racing well, winning heats and the division, with Texan debuting in 2 heats in the last race of the day. CATAPULTS took on division 4 and were a bit off the pace of the rest of the teams, but solid racing/teamwork saw them take 2nd in the division. CROSSBOWS were in division 7 and these “small and mighty” dogs hardly put a paw wrong, but didn’t quite manage the win, again taking 2nd. They did however put up an incredible time 19.54 for our 5th team… well done little legs!

Sunday saw the CANINES back in div 1 to work on stamina over 2 days of racing and the main aim of day 2 was to support Texan into open racing, with a view to going NFC if required. Well, the boy nailed his full debut, helping the team take a new club record of 14.64… running over our FCI of 11”… with a ton of room and 0.15 on the start! A few spits throughout the day, but the handlers and dogs all settled well into the new lineup saw them take 3rd. We also saw the rest of the FOWC squad lineup together in our CAMBS FLYBALL team in div 4. This team was a mixture of experienced and young dogs, with Quest taking the helm as a height dog for the first time, alongside Storm and Frank debuting into open, supported by solid racers Ossie and Zola (these dogs made up the majority of our LL team the other week). They raced so well and looked like pros, taking the win in their stride and nearly hitting those 15s. Finally we had the CANNONS in div 5. This team is well known as out super solid, race well and win team. They did not disappoint today! Winning 15 of their heats they took their division by storm, just the way we expect them to 😉

We ended the weekend with Texan and Storm being awarded their Cadet (300 points) pins and Harper gaining her Flying Officer award (13,000 points).


Team Place F/T
Cambridgeshire Canines 1st 15.20
Cambridgeshire Catapults 2nd 17.03
Cambridgeshire Crossbows 2nd 19.54
Cambridgeshire Canines 3rd 14.64
Cambridgeshire Flyball 1st 16.02
Cambridgeshire Cannons 1st 17.97

Individual Dog's Results

Dog Fastest Time Points Gained Award(s) Earned
Amber 5.30 250
Bella 4.84 210
Cuba 4.33 260
Frank 4.15 200
Harper 4.43 490 Flying Officer
Hope 4.03 310
Hope 4.08 240
Indi 4.36 490
Jake 4.28 310
Jazz 4.48 220
Kylo 3.61 310
Kylo 3.59 210
Lord 4.23 490
Moss 4.13 310
Moss 4.23 250
Ossie 3.86 190
Ossie 3.86 420
Prime 3.44 120
Prime 3.44 210
Quest 3.81 280
Quest 3.80 420
Storm 3.83 330 Cadet
Texan 3.58 30
Texan 3.53 210 Cadet
Tigger 4.46 300
Vegas 3.44 310
Vegas 3.48 210
Wally 4.01 310
Zola 3.93 310