As well as offering top-level flyball training, hosting and competing in multiple UKFL events, Cambridgeshire Flyball feel it is very important to support our canine athletes to the best of our ability.

Flyball is a repetitive and highly intensive sport, so we are very lucky to have great partnerships away from training to help keep our dogs in tip-top condition and, hopefully, at the top of the game.

Born to Run

Born To Run CCA

Born to Run is run by Angela Day who’s passion is in improving the musculoskeletal health and wellbeing of dogs through the natural gentle, power of clinical massage and core conditioning. She is a licensed Canine Conditioning Academy (CCA) COACH, as well as a qualified canine massage therapist and is able to support our dogs with all their wellbeing requirements. It is essential to ensure our sports dogs are recruiting the correct muscles for the sport we ask them to play with us and Born to Run helps us “build strength from the inside out”. The programmes that Born to Run provide for us are a true formula for core fitness offering a sports specific and performance focus, working with the CCA elements of fitness, Balance, Mental, Flexibility, Core, Cardio, Strength & Sports.

Canine Performance Clinic (Emma Overend)

Canine Performance Clinic (Emma Overend)


SP K9 Therapy

Run by a fellow flyballer from TimeFlyZ Flyball Team, Stephanie Pratley offers us regular Hydrotherapy days for our team dogs to help with overall conditioning and fitness. Using hydrotherapy can help build and maintain performance in our dogs as exercising in warm water has been show to enhance balance, proprioception and cardiovascular fitness in all athletes.