Paw Camp 2021

Paw camp 2021 was held over the Whitsun bank holiday weekend at the end of may, after having been postponed from the early bank holiday weekend (#thankscovid). To be honest, it was still very early in the dogs’ training post lockdown 59,379,095, but each dog, in true Cambs style, got tailored training with a degree of pushing.

Arriving Friday night, remembering how to set the caravans up, then the event shelter, was a challenge. Prior to paw camp the whole team had performed lateral flow tests and everybody was negative, so we felt comfortable to be around each other no Friday night was spent socialising in the event shelter.

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny…. summer had finally arrived… just as we head back indoors! Blooming typical. First things first, let’s see how these dogs had faired over the last 5+ months of lockdown and next to no training, so it was onto the scales for all and a quick check up on their current weights compared to last August. To be fair, the majority of dogs were about the same, a few had gained but nothing major and a few had lost as their owners had wanted them to! We also elected to measure all the dogs using the backup of our team sponsors in Paw Elements. This way, we have a starting point before we start to up their training and could inadvertently unbalance the dogs. We were also looking for anybody that already had muscle unbalance to make sure we supported them correctly.